Outdoor Family Fun at Lough Key Forest Park

If you are looking for somewhere to spend the day, that is close by, fun for all, exhilarating for some, challenging for others and a lot of fun for everyone, we thoroughly recommend packing up the gang and heading out the Sligo Rd. to Lough Key Forest Park. It’s the perfect mid-week, all-in-one adventure destination for everyone. With acres of parkland and off road trails, it’s a great spot for dogs and children!

Just a short drive from your accommodation in Carrick-on-Shannon, located in the former Rockingham demesne, this is a wonderful amenity enjoyed by visitors and locals alike. Situated in this historic parkland, the Forest Park provides plenty of opportunities for all the family to enjoy fun and adventure, no matter the weather.

Ziplining at Zipit

For the thrill-seekers, Zipit is the go-to for a day of thrills amongst the tree top canopies. Here you can unleash your wild side with zip lines, swinging logs, cargo nets and rope bridges. The adventure can cater for ages from 7 upwards and it will definitely be a day well spent in nature, with a lot of excitement and thrills, but in a safe and secure set- up. Learn more at www.zipit.ie.

Explore Woodland Trails: Cycling at Lough Key Forest Park

Perhaps you’d prefer to keep your feet a small bit closer to the ground? If that’s the case, there are miles and miles of safe tracks for cycling, walking or running, though the grounds of the Forest Park. You will find safe traffic-free cycling as you and the little ones pedal through 10km of picturesque trails in this expansive parkland. Bring your own bicycles or rent from ‘Electric Bike Trails’ in Leitrim Village (where you can opt for an electric bike or your own pedal power). For route details and more, you can contact the good folk at Electric Bikes Trails at info@electricbiketrails.ie. From the Park and along the designated cycle routes, you can safely access the nearby historic town of Boyle.

Tree Canopy Walk Experience

This is a unique opportunity to travel through the treetops of Lough Key’s picturesque landscape, where you will emerge from the from underground tunnels that one led to the Big House at Rockingham, to the treetop heights of the historic parkland. The ‘Rockingham Remembered Tour’ offers a self-guided exploration of the park’s history, flora, and fauna. Traverse 19th-century tunnels, ascend the Moylurg viewing tower, and stroll along Ireland’s first Tree Canopy Walk, a 300m timber and steel creation providing a bird’s eye view of nature. The views over the parkland and lake are stunning Immerse yourself in the rich history and natural beauty that define Lough Key and the historic Rockingham demesne.

Fully Guided Boat Tours on “The Trinity”

Since you are here, why not avail of the opportunity to join a fully guided boat tour aboard “The Trinity,” a 40-seater fully enclosed and centrally heated vessel. Cruise the lake in peak season (June, July & August) or contact the team at Lough key Boats. Enjoy legends like “Una Bhan” and learn about Trinity, Church, and Castle islands.

Trinity Island Powerboat Tours – A Thrilling Alternative

If The Trinity seems a bit too mellow for you and you fancy something just a little bit more exhilaration, you can opt for the private 10-seater Powerboat tour with a dedicated driver/guide. Experience the best trip of your life with breathtaking views and high-speed exploration. Booking is essential for this peak-season exclusive (June, July & August) with online reservations or off-season bookings upon inquiry.

So even if you just fancy a walk in nature, a stroll by the lake or an all day adventure, Lough key is the place to go. And on the days when the weather is not cooperating, there are indoor activities too.


If you’re looking for a day with a difference, or if it’s just that the weather is awful, Boda Borg at Lough Key is the perfect alternative option!. But this is not your typical recreational experience – this will challenge you like no other fun activity. Here, you will challenge yourself, test your limits, and unlock the potential within you as your team navigate through the thrilling quests and challenges that await you.
Forget about instructions! Who needs them??

Instead, when you are asked to solve the 15 quests and 47 challenges, you will have to rely on your own sheer determination to conquer all. As you step into the Boda Borg, be prepared for a lot of fun and laughs, but also some seemingly unsolvable conundrums, a lot of puzzles requiring a lot of imaginative input, and many enjoyable tasks, both physical and mental, that will engage your mind and body. It’s a test of resilience, communication, and problem-solving. Only a very select few manage to crack the code and emerge victorious. Will you and your team be among them??

Interested? So, gather your team of 3-5 individuals and dive into the unknown, where mental and physical challenges are waiting. Success in one challenge opens the door to the next, but failure might mean you start all over again!

To experience the thrill of Boda Borg, gather your friends, family, or colleagues and reserve your spot by contacting bodaborg@loughkey.ie. Booking is recommended to ensure you don’t miss out on this exhilarating challenge. The experience is suitable for ages 7 and over.

So you see, a day out at Lough Key Forest Park is indeed a day filled with many options for a lot of fun! You don’t need to stay all day – in fact, it is a lovely spot for an early evening stroll, so just jump in the car and get out for a walk – you really won’t regret it.


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