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Ready to Book Your Stag or Hen Accommodation?

What You Need to Do Before You Book That Fantastic Hen and Stag Accommodation So you think you’ve gone past the difficult part. You completed the invite list, got the hens and stags on board, and found the best place to get the party started. Nope, the work is not done yet – at least

Hen Party Accommodation

5 Things to Consider for the Perfect Hen & Stag Accommodation

With better and cheaper access to global holiday destinations than ever before, it’s no surprise that heading abroad for a hen and stag party is becoming an increasingly popular option. In 2014, over 1.3 million Brits travelled outside of the UK for a hen or stag party. After all, your send-off happens once in a


Top 10 Stag & Hen Party Activities

While no one will argue that a wedding is one of the most important events in a couples lifetime, the preceding stag and hen parties are definitely up there as one of the most looked forward to. And, in many cases, require just as extensive and careful planning as the big day itself. After all

Hungover Women

Top Stag & Hen Party Hangover Cures

The Stag and Hen party is a time honoured tradition. Even though these days a marriage is hardly going to signify the end of your social life, stag and hen parties still spend like it – with the average attendee to the good old British stag and hen spending an average of £100-200 per event.

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Carrick-on-Shannon: Its History and Present

A popular tourist destination in summer and a picturesque town all year round, Carrick-on-Shannon is a stunning spot straight from the pages of a magazine. Its original Irish name is Cora Droma Rúisc, which when translated means “stony ford of the ridge in the marsh”. It is aptly named as there are more than forty

Try not to expose yourself

How to, Respectfully, Enjoy Your Hen or Stag Weekend in Carrick

How to, Respectfully, Enjoy Your Hen or Stag Weekend in Carrick Carrick-on-Shannon has quickly become Ireland’s unofficial hen and stag capital. Although relatively quiet tourist spot during the weekdays, come Friday, the town welcomes multiple groups of stag and hens looking to enjoy the amazing party atmosphere in Carrick-on-Shannon. Whether it’s bubble soccer, cocktail making