How to Stay Safe on a Stag and Hen Weekend

A stag or hen weekend is definitely an event to look forward to. After all, it’s the groom or bride-to-be’s last hurrah as a single individual and it only makes sense to go all out. But more than enjoying yourself, you have to make sure that you stay safe too.

Don’t let an otherwise excellent night become tainted with hassles and losses that could spoil the evening’s memory. Below are just some of the ways you can stay safe while having fun at your stag or hen weekend!

Stay With the Group

Whilst we all have that one friend who disappears halfway through the night to go on an adventure, try and keep as many of you in one group as possible. Sticking together means that if any of you get in any trouble, or too drunk, there’s always someone on hand to make sure that they’re okay and can get them home.  Plus, you didn’t spend all this money to spend half the night collecting club stamps solo and waking up the next morning with no recollection of the night before.

Stay with the group!

If you have to go out on your own, try and at least keep your phone on you and fully charged – especially if you’re in an unfamiliar location. The last thing any of your mates want to do is mount a search and rescue party for you the next morning, only for the Garda to find you passed out on a park bench somewhere.

Prepare in Advance

No, we don’t mean preparing your liver by sinking a few extra glasses of wine every day. Before your weekend getaway, it always helps to prepare the important things in advance. Aside from bringing essential items you might need for the weekend, get familiar with the area beforehand so you know where the best places are to get some good food, good drink and have a good time.

Prepare in Advance

If you’ve planned in any activities, find out how you can reach them from your accommodation, and if necessary, book your travel routes in advance.

Other important items to bring are your ID, some first-aid meds for flu or colds, and money, to name just a few.

Know Your Limits

As with anything, going overboard can result in a number of unpleasant circumstances. We’re not just talking about the raging hangover you’re going to have to deal with the next day, but the consequences of your actions the night before.

You know how much you can drink, and most of us can see that line we’re about to cross before it’s too late. So if you know you’re the type to get drunk and rowdy to the horror of all your mates, why not try and calm yourself down for one weekend. After all, it’s the groom or hen’s weekend, and not yours.

Know your limits


This also goes for any activities too. As admirable as it is that you’re viewing your game of Bubble Soccer as if you were on trials for Limerick, try not to injure yourself in the process. No one wants to be wasting their time sitting with you in the hospital for an injury that could’ve been easily avoided.

Keeping Your Valuables Safe

Even while you’re busy having fun, make sure to check your money from time to time—at least every hour if you can. If you don’t want to be bothered, keep your money securely by putting it in a zippered pocket or inside your sock or bra.

Or, better yet, pop to Penney’s and grab yourself a bum bag. It looks great on you, honestly.

Always take enough money everytime you go out and have an option in place which will allow you to access funds in case of emergency.

Have a piece of expensive jewellery or any other accessories? Try considering leaving it at your accommodation place so there’s absolutely no chance of it getting lost if you get too drunk or while you’re having a good time.

In case you have other valuables inside your bag, remember to take it with you everytime you go dancing instead of leaving it on the table!

Keep your valuables safe

Get Familiar With the Weekend Activities

To make sure you can keep up with the planned activities on your upcoming stag or hen weekend, find out in advance what the events would be. If you’re deathly scared of heights and have unknowingly handed over the money for a skydive, you’re not going to be in for a treat when you turn up.

Knowing the activities in advance also means you have the opportunity to ask if you’ll be required to bring any gear of your own. This is particularly important for stag packages like white water rafting or stag quad biking.

Another concern you might want to look into is f you have an injury or particular condition that could prevent you from participating. Check out if any of the particular activity planned would pose any hazard to your health.

Get to know your weekends activities