Top 10 Alternative Hen Party Activities

For 21st century brides-to-be, the hen party is a much bigger part of the wedding experience than it was in the past. Increasingly, instead of an evening bar hopping in fancy dress, hens are looking at themed events or alternative activities for their hen do.

With so much choice out there, we thought we’d put together a top ten alternative hen party activities (click here to see our top ten alternative stag activities as well).

1. Create your own perfume

The top choice for any group of girls who adore all things scented. The party is hosted by an expert perfumer who will guide each guest through the heady process of developing an individual fragrance, which is mixed while the hens sip champagne. This is a sure fire way to know your wedding day perfume is completely unique and memorable.

Create your own perfume

2. Aerial fun

If an adrenaline overload is what your hen party craves then you’ll struggle to beat a day out at an adventure park, complete with treetop aerial zip wires. Not for the faint-hearted or those without a head for heights, this will have your hen party will screaming and laughing in equal measure. You could even check out the Lough Key Forest and Activity Park, which features some awesome zip lines and a treetop canopy.

Zip-lining Weekend

3. Play detective

Another excellent teamwork challenge, but this time based on cranking up your CSI style investigation skills rather than racing to escape from a crazy killer. Can you ‘save the groom’? Show off your logical thinking abilities during this activity, part of a 1-2 night package which makes your hen-do into a proper weekend break.

Hen CSI Package

4. Go retro on ice

Think legwarmers, sparkles, big hair and disco music. All this and more could be yours at a seriously funky roller disco event. Pay tribute to the days of glam rock, relive your younger days or discover the joys of the 1970s for the first time – this is a fun and unusual activity great for hens of all ages.

Retro Roller disco

5. Go-karting thrills

You don’t need experience to get behind the wheel of some impressive go-karts and race around a circuit, just a love of speed and a healthy dose of competitive spirit. Race as teams or as a group, either way this is great for active hens with a competitive edge.

Hen Go Karting Package

6. Chocolate making heaven

Who doesn’t love chocolate in some form? From hot drinks and cocktails to truffles, bars and cakes, there are a lot of ways to indulge on your hen do. Enjoy a chocolate martini while sampling various cocoa flavoured delights and designing unique truffles and fudge.



7. Old-time photo shoot

An indulgent opportunity to recreate the glam look of vintage movie stars, this is the ultimate dress-up experience for grownups. Hens can enjoy shoots with retro dresses, or raid the trunk for extras like hats boas and other accessories. Vintage look hair and makeup treatments are usually available too, so you can complete your look as a glamorous star of yesteryear.

8. Quad bike adventures

Another package, this one combines self-catering accommodation and lots of extras such as dinner and drinks with an exhilarating quad biking experience no hen will want to miss. All you need is a sense of adventure and a thirst for excitement. Get the best of both worlds: hands-on activity and sophisticated evening entertainment all for a great price.

Stag Quad Bike Package

9. Back to nature hen party

For those soon-to-be brides looking for more of an organic, nature-based hen activity. These packages tend to come with the option of various activities to choose to do on the day, such as foraging for wild food, making beeswax candles, or creating a love journal bound in leather.


10. Paintball

Traditionally a stag party activity, paintball is increasingly popular with hens who fancy themselves as crack shots in a combat situation. Team up and outwit your opponents in the field. Just remember to keep your head down. Packages are all-inclusive and include accommodation, buffet and a free drink for the hen.

Hen Paintballing Package