Top 10 Stag & Hen Party Activities

While no one will argue that a wedding is one of the most important events in a couples lifetime, the preceding stag and hen parties are definitely up there as one of the most looked forward to. And, in many cases, require just as extensive and careful planning as the big day itself. After all – for both the would-be bride and groom, the hen and stag parties serve as both a celebration of their future life as a married person and an opportunity to spend a weekend with all their close friends and family.

However, when it comes to the planning, thinking of how to fill an entire weekend can be a bit daunting. Films like the Hangover definitely set some unrealistic expectations, and if a night of boozing isn’t your thing, then pop culture doesn’t really offer up any alternative inspiration.

So, if spending a couple of nights in Vegas with Mike Tyson and a tiger is a bit out of your budget, or list of ideal weekends here is our round-up of the best, dryer than January, events for a Stag and Hen weekend.

Stag Airsoft Shooting

Boys love the adrenaline kick they get out of shooting at each other and going testosterone-heavy, without actually hurting anyone. An airsoft shooting party is the perfect way to spend a day being running around and being boys instead of men.

Stag Airsoft Shooting Package

It’s not exclusive to men, though. Who is to say that girls can’t shoot as well as the boys? In fact, in a mixed stag and hen party the groom and his friends can play opposite the bride and her friends, and finally, settle the battle of the sexes!

White Water Rafting

To some people, nothing encapsulates the thought of finally being married as going down the rapids on a slightly unstable raft. Thankfully with this kind of party, you will have your best buds along for the ride, turning a plunge into uncertainty into a fun, thrill ride.

Stag White Water Rafting Package Carrick Self Catering

Dragon Boat Adventure

This has the advantage of making sure all of your best buds join in on the fun. An hour of Dragon Boat race between each other, followed by pub grub and beer at a nearby bar is a great start to anyone’s night. This is also one of those activities that can work well in a mixed stag and hen party, as the men and women can race against each other in their own dragon boats.

Indoor Karting

If you want to pretend you’re an F1 driver without any of the danger, then we’ve got the perfect activity for you. Settle old scores with your stags and hens on the track, and have the loser buy everyone a round later. We’re not sure you’re allowed to throw banana peels and turtle shells on this track, but there are no rules against dressing up like Mario Kart characters for extra fun.

Zipline Activity

If your groom or bride is an adrenaline junkie, then ziplining could be the activity for your party. There’s nothing like the rush after landing a fast descent down a line and makes for an excellent bonding experience.

Quad Biking

Four wheels, dirt, and a truly exhilarating off-road experience for can equate to some excellent shared memories with your mates. Just make sure that an activity like this takes place a good few weeks before the wedding, so the photos aren’t ruined by various members of the wedding party in slings and a groom, or bride, with a black eye.

Country Gent Party

Speaking of outdoors, why don’t you spend your last few days as an unmarried person being a very manly country gent, doing outdoors stuff such as trekking and skeet shooting, and of course boozing all the while! While this activity is geared more towards men, as implied by the “gent” in the name, who is to say that women won’t enjoy the feel of a trek on the outdoors with a rifle on hand, and a bunch of skeets waiting to be put down with a bang?

Bubble Soccer

If you want to let your inner child out for one last hurrah before you tie the knot, being encased in a giant rubber bubble and bouncing off your mates – under the guise of playing football – is a sure fire way to do it.

Foot Golfing

For something familiar, yet still unique and fun, why not try foot golfing? Rolling football and golf into one, you and your party need to try and get the balls over the course and in the holes, only using your feet. And, after a day on the green, you finish the day off with food down the local pub. With a chance for those of your party who want to, to start the night off with a few rounds.


A luxurious party experience, you and your mates spend a night onboard a booze cruise with full bar and DJ. Enjoying your hen or stag the way it’s always meant to be: fun, loud, and full of the people you love partying all the way till sunset.

Regardless of which stag or hen party activity you choose, the important thing to keep in mind that it’s all in good fun and meant to celebrate turning a new page in the would-be groom and would-be bride’s lives, so make it memorable.

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