How to, Respectfully, Enjoy Your Hen or Stag Weekend in Carrick

Carrick-on-Shannon has quickly become Ireland’s unofficial hen and stag capital. Although relatively quiet tourist spot during the weekdays, come Friday, the town welcomes multiple groups of stag and hens looking to enjoy the amazing party atmosphere in Carrick-on-Shannon.

Whether it’s bubble soccer, cocktail making or the famous Carrick party cruise. Ireland’s water sports paradise has more than enough activities, restaurants, bars and good old Irish pubs to fill a usual Hen and Stag weekend three times over.

But Carrick-on-Shannon is still home to nearly 5,000 residents, most of whom, probably don’t want to get involved, second hand, with Sharon’s last two days of freedom, and definitely, don’t want to have to deal with the aftermath the next day.


The Irish Independent recently sent a born and bred Carrick gal back to her roots to talk to a few of the local residents, and as you can imagine it wasn’t all sunshine and roses. Interesting stories of the carnage the families emerged to on a Sunday morning might make for a good weekend for the stags and hens but definitely don’t make for pretty reading.

Although in the bigger Hen and Stag cities like Liverpool and Newcastle, this is all on the par for a normal weekend, Carrick is only small, and the local residents are often the ones left with the clean up come Monday morning.

Regardless, the locals of Carrick fiercely defend the 95% of Stags and Hens that come to Carrick and have a good time without urinating in their front gardens.

Now, no one’s going to ask you not to get drunk on your Stag or Hen weekends, but there are a few things you should keep in mind to make the lives of the locals a little easier while you’re there.

Things to Remember on a Stag or Hen in Carrick

Try Not to Expose Yourself

Try not to expose yourself

Public indecency is by the by on a British or Irish Stag and Hen, but try and keep it to a minimum, especially during the daylight hours. Your backside might be wonderful to your other half, but I doubt the folk of Leitrim are going to wholeheartedly agree at 3 pm on a Friday afternoon.

Always Urinate in Designated Areas

Please use the toilets

Alcohol does bad things to the bladder, that’s a universal truth. But luckily, the majority of the bars and pubs you’ll be drinking in have toilets on the premises, saving you the potential trip down an alley. The gardens of Carrick aren’t a better-looking urinal, and we don’t think the locals are going to thank you for watering their plants in that manner.

Not only that but if the Garda (Irish Police) catch you in the act, you’ll be handed a €123 fine on the spot, which could put a hefty dent in your drinking fund.

Their House is Not Your Home

Their house is not your home

We’ve all been there, wandering home from a night out and for some reason, you just can’t quite remember where you’re staying.

After necking the Guinness all night, all you want to do is get horizontal and try and sleep off that impending hangover, but please, try and make it back to your Carrick-on-Shannon accommodation.

The locals of Carrick don’t run out of hours B&B’s and I’m sure the last thing they want to step over en route to Sunday Mass is a lad in a Spiderman costume passed out on their porch.

To help keep Carrick the beautiful and fun destination it is, the town has formed the Carrick Ambassadors to keep the streets clean of litter, bottles glass and ensure the town is ready for all to enjoy the following day.

You Might Not Be as Funny as You Think You Are

You may not be as funny as you think you are

We’re with you, flicking the window screen wipers up on every car you pass by is hilarious and don’t even get us started on sticking a traffic cone on top of a town statue – mental.

Unfortunately, some people can’t be as naturally hilarious as others and your absolute comedy gold might be viewed of as more of a nuisance to the people with aforementioned cars. We’re not asking you to restrain the inner comedy God, just maybe err more on the side of Jon Richardson than Ladbible.

Don’t Rock’n’Roll the Hotel

Don't be Rock'n'Roll

Don’t think you’re the only one who’s ever thought you could be the next Mick Jagger when eyeing up a TV in a hotel room, or failing that, taking the taps of the walls. But please be mindful that whilst you’re nursing your hangover on the next RyanAir flight back home, someone has to clean up the mess you left your accommodation in.

Be Considerate

Good Day

Double glazing can only do so much.